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SGL5 Residual Current Device

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The Residual Current Device SGL5 is in conformity with the standard of IEC61008.
It can cut off the fault circuit immediately on the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage of trunk line. Thus it is suitable to avoid the shock hazard and fire caused by earth leakage.
F7 RCD is mainly suitable for using in varieties of plants, enterprises, buildings, constructions, commerce, guesthouses and families. It can be used in circuits of 1 phase 230V and 3 phases 400V 50/60Hz.





2P, 4P

Rated current In(A)


Rated residual operating current (I∆nA)


Rated non-operating current for earth leakage I∆n(A)


Voltage Un(V)

240(220) 415(380)

Residual current off-time:


Minimum value of rated making and breaking capacity


Rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc)

In=25,40A Inc=1500A In=63A Inc=3000A

Operation Principle

Overall And Mounting Dimensions (Unit: mm)

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